Jesse Chen

Jesse Chen, Jaff Lin and Connie Chuang co-founded Maton Venture in 1997.
Maton invested in 33 technology companies with 6 IPO and 9 M&A.
All 6 CEOs of the IPO were the founders of the companies.


  1. Hello.

    My name is Rifat and I'm inventor. I have patent for emerging energy generation technology and looking for investors or a company interested in the purchase of exclusive rights. My invention is unique and will create a completely new direction in environmentally friendly energy generation. Solar batteries are the closest analogue to my invention, but my invention uses a completely different principle - the generation of electricity at temperature differences. Patent number RU172976U1. Here is a link to its description in google patent:

    Description of the model in Russian and English is in application, as well as documents confirming my rights to this invention. I will be very grateful if you help realize my invention. If you are interested in my invention, I am ready to discuss the conditions for cooperation or the conditions for the transfer of exclusive rights to production.

    Aznabaev Rifat


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